Office 365 on Linux

As Digital Marketing Professional I use daily the Office Applications of Microsoft. I use Outlook as my Email Client, Teams as my chat and collaboration system, SharePoint as a file storage and of course PowerPoint to create business presentations.

All this applications can be installed as native apps on Windows but I’m a Linux fan and when I’m working from home I use mainly the web application from Microsoft integrated in my customized Qtile window manager running on Arch Linux.

Microsoft currently no longer distributes native office applications for Linux. The last native Office app was Microsoft Team, but this has now also been discontinued and it is recommended to use Teams as a web app. However, using the Microsoft 365 web apps is not a disadvantage. The quality and stability has improved in the last few months and they have become a real replacement for native apps.

Only for PowerPoint and sometimes for Excel do I need the Native App. But even for that I have found a good solution to integrate these applications in Linux. And that is via a virtual machine on which I have installed Windows 11 and then the Office package. Works without any problems.