Install HYPRLAND. Base installation on Arch Linux with Waybar, WOFI, Hyprpaper and KVM/QEMU support

Hyprland base installation: Install one of the most trending Linux window manager solutions of today. With waybar, wofi and hyprpaper + support for KVM/QEMU virtual machines.

Arch installation is based on the Arch Linux foundation video:

Installed Hyprland components:

– Waybar


– Hyprpaper and KVM/QEMU support

Hyprland stands out by fully embracing the Wayland display server protocol, positioning itself as a cutting-edge and future-oriented window manager. Through its integration with Wayland, Hyprland guarantees heightened security, seamless graphical performance, and expanded compatibility with graphics hardware.

Like many other dynamic tiling windows managers, Hyprland is an extremly customizable:

Here are some examples

Please check out also the Hyprland Wiki:

Arch Linux Base installation:

Install yay:

git clone
cd yay-bin
makepkg -si

Install Hyprland (with dolphin, wofi, hyprpaper and alacritty):

sudo pacman –S hyprland dolphin wofi hyprpaper alacritty

Startup script for Virtual Machines and hyprland.conf & hyprpaper.conf:

Install waybar:
yay –S waybar-hyprland-git ttf-font-awesome

Waybar Configuration:






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