HYPRLAND for (almost) all ARCH users. SINGLE COMMAND installation with Starter Pack and Settings App

In this video I will show you how to install Hyprland on almost* all Arch Linux based distributions. With a single command and the ML4W Hyprland Starter Package.

Tested on Arch Linux, EndeavourOS, Garuda Linux, Arco Linux and more. * For Manjaro users: The installation can fail when packages are not yet available for Manjaro. But normally missing packages are available after a while.

You can install the Hyprland Starter on real hardware (bare metal) or test it first in a Virtual Machine based on QEMU/KVM with activated 3D acceleration.

The ML4W Hyprland Starter Package includes a script to install a core Hyprland system incl. the following packages:

Window Manager: hyprland
Status Bar: waybar
Launcher: rofi-wayland
Terminal: alacritty
Terminal: kitty #optional
Notification Service: dunst
File Manager: dolphin
Wallpaper: hyprpaper
Lock screen: hyprlock
Icons: ttf-font-awesome

  • PLEASE NOTE: Nvidia hardware is not official supported by Hyprland. But many users reported success to install Hyprland with Nvida. Please refer to: https://wiki.hyprland.org/Nvidia/

After a successful installation you can install the new ML4W Hyprland Settings App to configure Hyprland without using a terminal. You can define the window border, gaps, blur, transparency and more, easily and on the fly.