Install Arch Linux your way

In this tutorial, I want to show you how you can create your own personal Arch Linux installation script to install and configure Arch Linux fully automated.

Arch Installation Cheatsheet:

Arch Installation Script:

Many Arch Linux Distributions like Endevour or are shipped today with own graphical installers. And even the Arch Linux itself includes nowadays a text based installation script.

However, these installers are still too tedious for me and all existing graphical or terminal based script are not really transparent for me about what they really do in the background.

I want to have full control snd understanding about my system. Therefore I decided to create my own custom installation bash scripts that run all required commands to install my Arch Linux. The manual installation of Arch Linux is still the recommended official way to install Arch Linux and this installation is very well documented in the Arch Wiki. It lists all the commands that are necessary for the installation of an Arch Linux base System.

There are also great videos from other YouTubers available that shows all installation steps in detail. With this knowledge I did my first installation of ArchLinux, experimented and when I was satisfied I wrote down all the commands and put them into a bash script.

And by running the script, I can now automate almost my entire installation, can relax, have a nice documentation as positive side effect and can run the installation identically on all my machines. You can find my latest installation scripts on my gitlab. Please find the link in the description. On top of that I have created a Arch Linux installation cheat sheet that lists all required commands that you can use to create your own personal arch installation script.