WINDOWS 11 Virtual Machine with USB pass through, SHARED folders & RDP. KVM/QEMU and Virt-Manager

Learn how to integrate your installation of Windows 11 in a KVM/QEMU & Virt-Manager based Virtual Machine into your Linux system. This video covers: USB pass through (temporarily & permanently) Shared folders Access via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for seamless integration Please also watch the video about how to install Windows 11 in a KVM (QEMU) & Virt-Manager based Virtual Machine: For folder shring you need to install the following applications on your Windows 11 guest system:

For RDP you can install freerdp on Linux with:
sudo pacman -S freerdp or yay –S freerdp

The startup freerdp command is:
xfreerdp -grab-keyboard /v:YOURIP /u:raabe /p:YOURPASSWORD /size:100% /d: /dynamic-resolution /gfx-h264:avc444 +gfx-progressive

Bash script to start the VM and connect via RDP:

(Please adapt the script to your requirements)






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